The Ultimate 3D Logo Intro Template


The Ultimate 3D Logo Intro Template


The Ultimate 3D Logo Intro Template

This is the ultimate 3D logo intro template, with more than 20 animations and 10 music tracks included! More than a template, it’s a kind of a 3D Animation Engine customizable within a few clicks for a stunning look intro.

With this template you can easily create an exiting 3D logo or title intro using one of the 20 animation presets Or create easily one of your own animation using only one powerful animation panel that control camera movement and the logo reveal style, sens and speed! And see right away the result by activating the preview mode that allow you to do very fast ram preview to adjust your animation. Then you can set your logo look, the scene light,3D flare,textured back-wall, shadows, Reflections, environment, pre-rendered flares and more in real time using other live control panels, to finally, add one of the included music track and you’re good to render!

This After Effects CS4 template is rated 4.7/5 on Videohive and here are some reviews:

This is easily one of the most versatile templates I’ve ever worked with. The final product looks beautiful and my client couldn’t be happier. It includes a whole series of comprehensive tutorial videos and examples. The template’s creative was eager to walk me through some additional customization I needed and even provided me with a custom version free of additional cost!

Nice work, great offer with all the things you need for an opening. Good job!

Excellent! Great tutorial, very customizable!

What’s Great in this Template?

  • Use recorded Animation Presets: that you can load with one click (instead of opening another AE project and re-do the look customization)
  • Animation control panel : Easily animate a beautiful and smooth camera movement and logo reveal animation or import presets
  • Strapline control panel :Set the position, scale, color and transparency.
  • Logo Look control panel : Set size, extrude 1 and 2, bevel, luminosity, tint, texture bump, sides brightness, sides tint, shadows, back-light and more…
  • Wall Control Panel : set Texture bump and diffuse, color, specular…
  • Real 3D Flare : set position, colors, scale, intensity.
  • Light control panel : set color, intensity, height, distance from center, rotation
  • Look control panel : set contrast and brightness, activate preview mode or fast rendering mode.

More Great Features that make this template

  • Easy: Drag your logo, set the scene look, Choose one animation preset of the 20 included and one of the 10 music tracks then render. ,
  • Dynamic: The shadows, the bump texture, the bevel follows the light.
  • Optimized: A powerful preview mode make it easy to animate quickly.
  • Evolving: You can use your own texture and make easily your own animation within the animation panel witch change entirely the look.
  • A real Sand Box :A multi-Camera version is included where you have up to 5 cameras to edit and have an animation with multiple angle once you set the animation in each one using presets or making your own.
  • Cinematic: a powerful fast Depth of Field: you can set and animate the blur amount, focus distance and width.
  • Ready to use: 10 music track and 5 textures included.included, just customize and render, but the more you use different texture the more the look changes.
  • A fully detailed Video Tutorial of 65mn divided in 17 chapter so you can access only the part that you need to remind.


  • Adobe After Effects CS4 Project File.
  • Resolution: FullHD 1920×1080.
  • No Plugins required.
  • 80 fast controller to make your customization easy.
  • 65 mn of Video Tutorial divided in 17 chapter.
  • 10 music track included
  • 30fps so that you can render at 24, 25, or 29.97.

Leather , Vintage Grungy Old Wall.

Watch the Tutorial Playlist on Youtube.

Click on the “show me” button to access the Videohive product page.

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